Monday Miles : Week 9

I’m at  about the halfway point in my training Week 9 is done, 10 weeks until WDW Marathon. If you want to get picky, my halfway day will be Thursday but i’m still chugging along, or well trying to. Here is my training update for the week!

MondayMiles : Week 9


I don’t really have much of anything new to report this week. I had a horrible training week. The type of horrible that equals the lack of weekday miles. I took my typical Monday off and the rest of the week slipped by. Weather, kids, and homeschooling were the top culprits. Life just got in the way and I wasn’t thrilled. This week i’m hoping for better and the forecasted rain to go away. My son’s homeschool schedule is changing so that should alleviate issues too. I am optimistic that this change will mean that I can get in more miles.

My long run this weekend was not quite as far as I had planned. I went out hoping the odds were in my favor with the rainy weather. The first 7 miles weren’t so bad, just a drizzly, spitting rain. Then it started to pour. I decided to keep going remembering the forecast thinking it may let up. It didn’t though. I made the decision to stop at 13.1 miles. I was running around the Air Force Base again and there was a ton of activity for a Sunday morning. I saw a few planes land and later trucks full of rucksacks so i’m thinking some soldiers were coming home. People were not stopping at crosswalks and as the rain continues the puddles grew to the type that would splash over my head if I a car drove by. I didn’t want to but stopping would probably be the best option. I was just 6-7 miles short of what I wanted to do.

If anything I can say all these rainy day miles have me prepared if it does rain on race day.So that is a definite plus.  This week was also a reminder that not all weeks are going to be good weeks. You can’t control everything and nothing in life is perfect.

Gear wise I finally ordered CW-X Stabilyx 3/4 tights. I really hope they fit! I did try on some Old Navy compression and they really weren’t all that great, in my opinion. I know a ton of people love them but I found that they were lose around my knees and bunched up there. I also checked out a few other stores but I couldn’t find anything in my size. Tons of XS, S and XL but no Medium or Large even. I did catch a great clearance sale at Dicks and picked up 2 nice and bright (ok, florescent) Cold Gear Under Armor tops  for 15-16 bucks each! I really love the cold gear UA tops.

That’s about it for this week. It was pretty uneventful. So until next week when we start the single digit countdown!


Monday Miles : Week 2

I am now at  118 days until the WDW Marathon. Just under 17 weeks! I am sure the time is going to fly by. It seems as though that is what time now does now that I am a grown up. Seriously, how is it the middle of September?

This week I have been pondering a few things. The one of those things is training programs. There are several of them out there and I am completely baffled by them. More so which program is the best program to use. My training program for my half marathons is one that I put together for myself and it works well. My biggest want in a training program is I want to reach 26.2miles before my marathon. Knowing that I can do the distance beforehand is very reassuring for me. So until I find or mash together a program I will just be upping my milage every week. This weekend my long run was 14 miles.

14 miles is not anything new for me, my furthest distance has been 15 miles. It was earlier this year while I was training for the Disney Princess Half. It was thanks to a series of GPS glitches. I just wasn’t sure if I was ready this weekend. My week day training was not been what it should have been. This past week I only got in one run and some strength training and I could tell it in my long run.

Here is what I learned this past week:

  1. If the snake is green it is typically a “good snake” ok i’m stretching there. There is no such thing as a good snake but just because you see it and almost step on it doesn’t mean you need scream and freak out for 2 minutes because it is laying in the middle of the trail.
  2. Sand gets everywhere and that includes inside your blister resistant socks and you may get a blister or two. Blisters really suck.
  3. Speaking of blisters. Draining them is helpful sometimes. Just know they may refill with fluid.
  4. Pickles are good post run. They help restore balance and keep cramps away. 2-3 dill pickle spears seem to work for me.I am resting today, well maybe. I may end up doing some strength training with my husband later. Since I could really fill my lack of training on my run yesterday this week I will be making sure I get it in. This will include possibly biking as well as running and then strength training.As for my diet I am trying to keep it simple. Last week I was diagnosed with prediabetes. Having had 3 pregnancies with diagnosed gestational diabetes and the first I was told I did have it after my son was born (my test was borderline  but my son was born with signs of gestational diabetes such as low blood sugar and weighing over 9lbs). I knew it was a matter of time. My personal guess is my hysterectomy was the final straw. My goal is to have a normal fasting blood sugar although after learning about the dawn phenomenon i’m not sure that will happen. I can thank my healthy lifestyle that it has not turned into full blown type 2 diabetes.



So there it is my Monday Miles! Do you use a training program? If so which one?

What have you learned during your marathon training?

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