It happens from time to time, you are doing well with your health and fitness goals and then something happens and you get off track. Maybe it is that New Years resolution that you make every year or maybe you were injured and need to get back on track now that you have recovered. Whatever the reason just know it happens to the best of us and you aren’t alone.  Wanting to get back on track is a huge step but it is typically not without figuring out how to get your health and fitness mojo back. Going through this myself, I have some tips to help get back on track with your health and fitness goals.

Getting Back on Track with your Health and Fitness Goals| Country Girl Gourmet

1.Make a plan

The first step  in getting back on track is to make a plan. To do this start by setting a goal and going from there. With your goal in mind find exercise that you actually like to to do and using a calendar and develop a work out plan. Decide what days you are going to exercise, what you are going to do and when.
Look at your diet and develop a meal plan. Figure out your daily calorie needs, the ratio of carbs.fats and proteins that you need. Eat healthy foods that you like, do not set yourself up for failure by forcing yourself to eat a diet of foods you hate just because they are healthy. Remember everything in moderation, treats here and there are ok and will help keep you from gorging on treats later.


2. Chart your progress

After you develop your plan, weigh yourself, take your measurements and take pictures of yourself to help keep track of your progress. Sometimes we don’t lose weight but will lose inches and seeing that change is a great motivator.
It is also helpful to log your meals to keep track of your calories and nutritional intake along with your water intake and your exercise. I use MyFitnessPal for my food intake but it tracks everything from food to exercise. I keep track of my running mileage with Garmin.  Waterlogged is another great app for tracking how much water you drink. There is an app for almost everything now and a big thing with apps is finding the one that YOU like best. Apps aren’t for everyone there is just something about writing everything out. Keep a hand written food and exercise journal, use a simple composition book or print blank month at a glance calendars and fill them out. Find a method that works for you.

3. Find your motivation

What is your motivation to be healthy? Is it for yourself? Is it for your family? Once you decide this you can look for some healthy living motivators. I like to look at Pinterest for different healthy living quotes, a good quote can help get you going. One kept me going through the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Another great motivator is paying for a race. Races are not cheap. Nothing like the thought of wasting money to get you moving. Lastly, give yourself rewards for meeting goals. The reward being something that you want (clothes, new hair, jewelry etc.). There is nothing better than working toward a goal and being rewarded.

4.Find support

Having support is a huge help when you have health and fitness goals. This support can be from your family, friends or a support group that you find online. Facebook has ton’s of groups to find the support of others. Having the support of others has been proven to aid in weight loss!
Another idea is to post “sweat checks” to your Facebook or Instagram. Sweat checks are great to help keep accountability. You never know you may find new friends to support your healthy living goals that way too!

5.Take it one day at a time

You have your goals and you are ready but here is an important thing to remember. Stuff happens! Things come up when you least expect it, bad weather, sick kiddos, and other emergencies. This doesn’t mean your goals will not happen. It just means that you need to readjust and tweak your plan. Refocus and motivate yourself to reach your daily goals, and learn from any mistakes you’ve made along the way.

6.Be Positive

Your attitude toward healthy living and fitness is key to your fitness goals. Focus on the good and stay optimistic! Positive thinking can increase your motivation and energy level. In the words of Elle Woods, ” Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

When you start thinking negative it is easy to slip into the land of being unmotivated and depressed that can lead to skipping workouts and overeating.. so do your best to stay positive!


Don’t let falling off track get you down. Follow these steps and get back on track and in no time at all you will be making of you health and fitness goals!

You can do it!