Today, December 2nd is  #GivingTuesday. To put it simply it is a day that is all about giving back.

Today people from all over will be coming together to do what they can to give  what they can. Although I feel people should give back on a regular basis having this day warms my heart. I have been a volunteer since I was a teen. In high school I did a variety of things but one thing that sticks out was volunteering struggling Math students across the street at the middle school. Yeah, I tutored math. As an adult I have volunteered for a large variety of organizations and I continue to do so. My newest volunteer job is the Co- Community Outreach Director for Team RWB at Fort Bragg. I can’t wait to really get going with that! A positive to all my volunteer work is that my kids love to give back too! My oldest has started his adventures in volunteer work and my other kid’s love doing what they can. From collecting canned goods and old coats to just helping me with what I am doing. It is important for our children to see us giving back because they learn from us. When they learn from us they can see the positive that giving back does. They will learn why it is so important for them to give back also.

On this #GivingTuesday  I want to share with you some great places to volunteer and give back  as well as some great ideas to give back in your own community!

#givingtuesday | Country Girl Gourmet


There are ton’s of great organizations out there that would love your help. Here are a few of my favorites!

  1. Team RWB
  2. Blue Star Families
  3. USO
  4. Operation Homefront
  5. Fisher House
  6. Armed Services YMCA
  7. The Red Cross
  8. Special Olympics
  9. United Way
  10. Habitat for Humanity
  11. Homes for our Troops
  12. Toys for Tots

Looking for some other ways to give back? Check out these ideas!

  1. Do something (you are good at) for someone that is in need (car repair, painting, yard work,etc.)
  2. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter.
  3. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  4. Deliver meals (Meals for Wheels)
  5. Volunteer at your local Food Bank (sorting food, etc.)
  6. Volunteer at local Running Races (they almost always need course support and many support great causes)
  7. Coach Youth Sports
  8. Donate Food to your local Food Bank (Think outside the canned veggies and creamed soups)
  9. Donate old clothes, coats, blankets, toys, books, etc.
  10. Photographers, donate your time and skills for local events (OpLove, Hearts Apart, Gold Hope Project )
  11. Visit local nursing homes and Veterans hospitals
  12. Make care packages for seniors and veterans.
  13. Bake cookies and other baked goods for your community helpers (fire, police, paramedics/EMT’s)
  14. Volunteer your time at a local school. (Schools are always in need of volunteers from Testing Proctors to Tutoring)
  15. Clean up litter in your neighborhood and community.
  16. Become a peer counselor ( Boys and Girls Club of America)
  17. Donate new toys, blankets, knit/crochet hats and snacks to the pediatric ward at your local children’s hospital
  18. Adopt a family for the Holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving , etc.)
  19. Donate Blood! While you are at it become an Organ Donor also!
  20. Become a volunteer fire fighter or EMT


I am only just getting started here. You don’t need to be a millionaire and spend money. You just need to be able to spare some of your time. There are so many organizations out there that want your help. To get started you can check out .  They have a wide variety of volunteer jobs just waiting for you.

So what do you think? How will you be supporting those in your community tomorrow on #GivingTuesday?