Not too long ago I received a package in the mail from Nicole’s Natural’s  with their waffle mix. My job was simple make their waffles, review them and host a giveaway for their product. Lucky for me I have several taste testers in my home that were eager to help me. Plus who doesn’t like a giveaway?

Nicole's Naturals Review and Giveaway

Typically if I make waffles and pancakes I make them from scratch. When I first started my journey in gluten free cooking I just couldn’t find products that were tasty and worth the added expense. Making things from scratch had a drawback though, my husband. I always keep some easy to make stuff for him around the house. My family will never forget the Mother’s Day when he made me pancakes that turned out like rubber. I was genuinely intrigued by the mix.

Here are some details about the mix:

  • Is Gluten-, Wheat-, Dairy- and Soy-Free (but definitely not taste-free!)
  • Contains 150 calories per serving
  • Has only one gram of sugar (much less than other mixes that contain upwards of nine grams per serving) and two grams of fiber
  • Is independently tested at less than five parts gluten per million, far below the FDA regulation of 20 parts per million for products labeled gluten-free.

So are you intrigued yet? With it being free of  so many allergens I was worried that it would have coconut in it. I am allergic to coconut so that makes my quest to be gluten free a bit harder but guess what, it was coconut and nut free also! Hooray for food I can eat! Now to answer the big question, how does it really taste? The answer is not bad at all! My kids all agreed that they tasted just as good as my scratch made waffles. We had a winner on our hands. The bag of mix made 9 waffles which was the perfect amount to feed my kids leaving me one left over.

So are you intrigued yet and ready to try it for yourself? You can buy Nicole’s Naturals Gluten-Free Waffle & Pancake Mix for $8.99 for a 22-ounce container at or at

I am also offering a Nicole’s Naturals giveaway. One lucky winner will receive:

  • 1 can of Nicole’s Naturals GF Mix
  • 1 small container of syrup
  • 4 small breakfast plates
  • Nicole’s Naturals apron

Nicole's Naturals
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