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5 Reasons to visit a brewery when you are Gluten Free (in Fayetteville, NC)

I was invited to be part of a Fayetteville, NC blogger and influencer meetup hosted by the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitor Bureau. This is not a sponsored post. All views and opinions are my own.

Once upon a time, only a few years ago, I ate and drank whatever I wanted without worry. Then one-day celiac came along and my gluten loving days were over. While gluten is no longer part of my diet, I don’t keep those close to me from enjoying it. My husband loves a good beer and in Fayetteville, he has several great breweries he could visit but what am I going to do at a brewery? I can’t drink beer, what could there be for a non-beer drinker at a brewery? After visiting 5 breweries in Fayetteville for NC Beer Month, I have 5 reasons to visit a brewery when you are gluten-free.


Bloom Where You Are Planted: Special Spots for Sweeties in Fayetteville, NC

I was invited to be part of a Fayetteville, NC blogger and influencer meetup hosted by the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitor Bureau. This is not a sponsored post. All views and opinions are my own.

In just over a week it will be time to celebrate Valentine’s Day! If you are in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area I have some special spots for sweeties and sweets just for you!

Bloom Where You Are Planted: Special Spots for Sweeties in Fayetteville,NC




I really like doing things outdoors along with doing things that challenge myself. That is part of why I do half marathons and will be doing a full (Yes, I have gone full crazy!). I like riding “scary” rollercoasters and thrill rides. I’m not sure if I would jump out of an airplane like my husband but zip lining has always looked intriguing. I don’t like heights though. I can do them but not without that butterflies that makes me want to puke feeling in my gut. So when I saw Zippiest on the itinerary for the Fayetteville blogger familiarization tour the butterflies hit. I told myself I had this. Plus anyways, I didn’t want to come off as a scaredy cat in front of the other bloggers.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

I was ready. It is zip lining, it is safe, you are hooked in, no falling off the cable. Why not?Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

So I signed my life away.

Photo Apr 25, 3 05 58 PM

We got started with getting rigged up, harnesses, helmets, gloves and a leather sleeve for braking.


Gave each other names and wrote names on each other’s helmets… I was just Gourmet. After my blog.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

We were then ready for training!

Bloom Where you are Planted- ZipquestWe went over the basics, how to stop, how to turn, self recovery. We practiced maybe 1-2 feet off the ground.

Photo Apr 25, 3 40 54 PM

and then I was off! Well after everyone else. I ended up going last.

The taking off was the hardest part and taking that leap. The actual zipping was fun. If that makes any sense.

Bloom Where you are Planted- ZipquestAs we zipped through the trees we learned that they all had names. Like this one was Consuella, Sway for short. Head out to Zipquest if you want to know why Tiffany was making the face she did.

Bloom Where you are Planted- ZipquestBy the time we were half way through I had the hang of things and was going first or second. That hard to go feeling went away. The only time I had an issue going again was when my fellow bloggers were making me laugh hard. Zipping was fun, I even yelled out a few woohoo’s while on the line.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

We zipped through the trees and over water from tree to tree, platform to platform. Going higher and longer on each zip.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

We went up floating staircases

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

and crossed rope bridges. I was banned from going first and then almost kicked out of the blogger group when I went last. I went too fast which made the bridge really swing…oops!

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

One of my favorites was zipping by the waterfall at Carver Creek. If you keep your eyes open on the same zip you can see a mill also. It was on this zip I decided I liked those long zips where you can’t see the other side.

Bloom Where you are Planted- ZipquestIn the end it was a great time and something I would definitely do again. Our guides were great, they were funny and very patient with us crazy bloggers. Thank you Erich and Kyle you guys are awesome!

A zipline tour will take about 2 and a half hours and features 8 ziplines with 16 platforms. There are also 3 (floating) spiral staircases and you cross 3 suspension bridges. You zip among the various plants, trees and wildlife in the Carver Falls area and actually zip over Carver Falls. In case of inclement weather (or other reasons such as injury) while out on the tour there are emergency ziplines that can be used as needed. Those tour guides also go through regular training to include monthly recertification. You are in good hands at Zipquest.

Zipquest offers both military and group discounts.

Zipquest is located at:

533 Carvers Falls Road
Fayetteville, NC 28311

Their hours are,Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm & Sunday 10am to 5pm and reservations are highly suggested. 
You can find out more information about Zipquest HERE

What do you think? Are you ready to go Ziplining?

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

Fairfield Inn

Whether you are PCS/moving  and need someplace to stay while you are house hunting, have family coming in from out of town or are just looking for a local stay-cation, I have the place for you in Fayetteville. The Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau started our blogger familiarization tour at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott on Ramsey Street and we were given a brief tour of the hotel. Every person has their own reasons for picking a hotel, the rooms, the amenities, the breakfast and this place has it all at an affordable price.

When you first walk into the lobby you are greeted by it’s open floor plan and a small seating area directly to your right as you walk in. To the left is check in as well as a small shop (Corner Market) where you can buy snacks and alcoholic beverages.  We decided the wall behind check in was an awesome wall to take selfies! To the back was a large seating area what is used in the evenings and in the morning s for breakfast.

Bloom Where you are Planted: Fairfield Inn
Taken by Mrs Tee

Moving on to the hotel rooms they are very nice and looked just like Fairfields pictures on their website. We were shown a room with a king bed as well as a studio with a king bed. Both rooms were quite roomy with plenty of space to maneuver around.  The regular room  had a space saving cubby hole built into the wall with your typical amenities- microwave, fridge and coffee maker. Where as the studio had a small kitchenette area  that included dishes. The beds felt cozy, perfect for after a day exploring Fayetteville. If you had work to do they had a very nice desk in the room. The bathroom was your typical bathroom except for one thing, the shower. The shower was AMAZING! The pictures we took just did not do it justice. I would have loved to stay the night like a couple of my fellow bloggers to fully experience the room but it just wasn’t in the cards for me since my husband was away doing exciting Army stuff in Louisiana.

Bloom Where You are Planted : Fairfield Inn

Among the other amenities the hotel has an indoor heated salt water pool. Personally, I love salt water pools over the typical chlorine pool. The pool area also included access to a patio area outside. This pool was really calling my name, if only I was staying the night!  Directly across from the pool is the fitness room. The room was a very large room filled with a row of Precor treadmills and ellipticals and a rack with some free weights. Just enough for a quick work out while you are away. I really appreciated that there was more than one of each machine also!

Bloom Where You are Planted : Fairfield Inn

A welcome addition to the Fairfield was an outdoor area in the back of the hotel with a BBQ grill and a fire pit and comfy seats. The fire pit is gas and is set to a timer for those oops, I forgot to turn it off moments. The back patio had everything you could need for a relaxing evening.

The Fairfield Inn does offer a complimentary breakfast and it is more than your typical cereal and maybe baked goods. They offer both hot and cold breakfast items and you can find something to meet most dietary needs. Even though I was not staying there I was able to try out their breakfast. Being gluten free this is often a challenge at many complimentary hotel breakfasts but I was able to have a couple pieces of bacon, a sausage patty and some yogurt. They also offered your typical make your own waffles, scrambled eggs, assorted pastries, fresh fruit to include a fresh fruit salad and more.

The Fairfield Inn isn’t just a place to spend a night away from home but they have meeting space and small banquet space. Are you part of an organization that holds regular meetings but is constantly looking for a place to meet? The Fairfield Inn has a conference room that you can rent seats 12 that is set up just to host meetings. Are you having a small wedding, sweet 16 or other small party? They have a room just for you. The room even includes a door directly to the outside to a patio area where your guest can smoke or just hang out.

The Fairfield Inn by Marriott is a great hotel for all your hotel needs where you get your money’s worth. They also offer government/military rates upon availability. I hope you take it into consideration when looking for a hotel in Fayetteville!

Taken by Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
Taken by Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau




I don’t think i’ve purposely ever eaten Greek or Mediterranean food until I recently went on the Blogger familiarization tour of Fayetteville. I don’t really know why other than I never ate it growing up. My husband has never asked for it either. I like to try new foods so I was excited to try it and I am so glad that I did! Discovering where I lived so I could bloom whereally pays off as I was finding some real gems.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Sherefé

Sherefé is a Mediterranean grill located in downtown historic Fayetteville. If you are into historic buildings that alone will make you want to check them out!

Bloom Where you are Planted- Sherefé


The building itself is amazing! It has it’s original brick walls, that I loved.

Bloom where you are Planted- Sherefé

After we ate we were given a tour of the building and upstairs has a room that can be used for large parties that is simply gorgeous.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Sherefé


You have the original brick walls and wood floors and it is decorated with upcyled mirrors that were found in the building when it was purchased.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Sherefé

The restaurant is simply beautiful.

Enough about what it looked like let me tell you about the food! That is why we were at Sherefé after all, for lunch. We were brought out their beautiful Mediterranean Delight, a sample of their many appetizer offerings. There wasn’t a single thing on the plate that I tried that I did not like! The hummus was addictive and perfectly garlicky, falafel that was gluten free with an amazing tzatziki, the quinoa tabouili and the dolma (stuffed grape leaves) were all great.  Why hadn’t I tried greek food sooner?

Bloom Where you are Planted- Sherefé

As we were snacking on our appetizers the restaurants owner Mustafa Somar came into the room and at first wondered why we were not eating exclaiming “This is like grandma’s house, no one goes hungry”. We just had so much food in front of us much like grandma’s and were saving room for our lunches.  Mustafa was a delight to talk to and especially listen to. He has strong beliefs about our food and where our food comes from. He only uses quality ingredients like antibiotic free, corn fed chicken. My you are so amazing moment came while he was talking about gluten.  I am gluten free not because I think it is cool or a way to lose weight but because my body gets sick with the tiniest amount of gluten. When gluten makes you sick it is hard to find restaurants that cater to you and truly understand the importance of being gluten free. Mustafa and Sherefé understand. The care in this is shown not only on their menu but to the care they put in what they make. Simple small things like using rice flour or quinoa instead of bulgar to make a dish gluten free. To not having deep fryers and instead pan frying dishes.  Sherefé is a gluten free person’s dream! I was in love!

Photo taken by Mommy PR
Photo taken by Mommy PR

Not only was I in love with their care for those that are gluten free but they also are very accommodating for special diets in general and that care extends to their menu where everything is clearly labeled.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Sherefé

Sherefé also offers several vegetarian and vegan dishes and can adjust dishes for your dietary needs.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Sherefé

For lunch I chose Chicken under a Brick, a rosemary, garlic, all natural chicken, chimichurri along with Roasted Vegetables with Ginger & Quinoa. It was so delicious and perfectly cooked! Those around me with me had various other items off the menu from Doner Kabob, Norwegian Salmon and Sherefé’s Small Plate Taste and everyone enjoyed their dishes. Tiffany from Mrs Tee raved about their Lemon Chicken soup which is gluten free and one of the restaurants popular choices selling out whenever they make it. I can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu offerings especially their Greek Yogurt Cheesecake that is gluten free. I just need to remember to leave room for it!

Sherefé has daily specials which can be viewed on their Facebook or emailed directly to your inbox. They also offer many of their house made soups for sale frozen, which make for a great quick lunch! Interested in learning to cook? Sherefé can help you there also! Mustafa is not only an culinary arts teacher at FTCC but he offers classes at his restaurant. Upstairs in a room next to the room they use for large parties they have a kitchen they use for cooking classes.

Sherefé is located at 114 Gillepsie St and is open Monday – Thursday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm and Friday – Saturday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm. They are closed on Sundays. They offer both walk in and reservations.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Sherefé

Check them out for yourself and see how delicious it is!