An Egg-celent way to Start the Day and a Recipe

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When you are a mom, one of your jobs is making sure your family is fed and that starts with breakfast. It is all too easy to just grab something quick and go but many times those options are not the healthiest. The freezer section is full of things from toaster pastries to pancake wrapped sausage on a stick but I wonder about how healthy those options actually are. I may be a hot mess but I worry about how my family is fueling their bodies and for us, eggs have been the egg-celent answer.
An Egg-celent Way to Start the Day and a Recipe | My Hot Southern Mess


Easy Pavlova

Pavlova is a dessert that has always, for some reason intrigued me. Pavlova for me is one of those desserts that looks so beautiful and time-consuming. It wasn’t until I made it that I learned how easy Pavlova is to make.

Easy Pavlova | My Hot Southern Mess


Easy Snow Cream

Do you want to hear a 4 letter word that throws southerners into a tizzy? SNOW and lately North Carolina has been getting its share. While others are busy making their milk sandwiches, I am whipping up some easy snow cream.Easy Snow Cream | My Hot Southern Mess


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