Berry Frostings and S’mores!

Raspberry Buttercream and White Cake

No artificial colors or flavors here.. Raspberry flavor and pink color come from Raspberries

Strawberry Frosting and Chocolate Cake

again no artificial strawberry flavor and the pink color comes from strawberries
chocolate cake is a vegan cake, so eggs or dairy.

S’mores Cupcake!

Italian Meringue Frosting tastes like marshmallow and is yum!

Chocolate cake and graham cracker bottom crust

Christmas Cupcakes!

I made 8 dozen white and chocolate cupcakes for my kids school. A few of my decorating ideas did come from Pinterest. These cupcakes were a hit but I am finding out I am the cupcake lady at their school;)

Melted Snowman…. once on cookies now on cupcakes!

Hot Cocoa

Chocolate Cupcake Santa Hat…. Love this because it avoids using red frosting/ red dyes.

White Cupcake with Santa Hat

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

North Pole

I love baking what what I like more than baking is helping others. On December 10th Cookies Across America was held. During the event people are encouraged to bake cookies and donate to those who need or collect baked goods to donate to your local food shelter.
I baked over 19 dozen cookies to support the ASYMCA on Fort Bliss for their yearly holiday party where Santa comes for a visit needing lower enlisted families and brings them gifts. They just needed cookies to give each child. I was more than happy to help. I encourage everyone to help. Contact your local shelters, nursing homes, military installations even the guy on the corner you drive by everyday on your way to work. I doubt they will say no and they really will appreciate it. Who doesn’t like fresh baked yumminess when it comes from the heart?
All ready to be delivered!