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I am Debbie, the hot mess behind My Hot Southern Mess.


About  My Hot Southern Mess

Life is crazy and full of all sorts of adventures. Sometimes good while other times things can only be explained as a hot mess or in my case a Hot Southern Mess! There is never a dull moment around these parts. My Hot Southern Mess is where I collect the best of my mess. You will find everything from tasty recipes I make to adventures in blooming where I am planted and beyond.

My Hot Southern Mess

-Random Facts About Debbie-

I am a 40-something southern girl, wife, and a mom of 4. Two that have flown the coop and have set out on their own adventures, an adult son with autism, and Lil Miss, our teen girl.

Once upon a time, I was an Army wife but my husband retired from that life and has started his second career. I am a proud Army Mom now!

We live in a 1940’s farmhouse in the North Atlanta Area.

I’m a gluten free foodie but my husband and kids are not. They just like good food.

I am a lover of healthy living and being outdoors. You can find me running, strength training, hiking, camping, hanging out at the closest lake, beach, or mountains, and in the summer working in my garden.

I went full crazy and ran my first marathon in 2016 but half marathons are still my favorite distance.

I coach youth athletes in Cross Country and Track and Field. I am a USATF Level 1 Coach and Cross Country Specialist.

I have volunteered and advocated heavily in the military family and veteran community for 15+ years. I was the 2013 Fort Bliss Military Spouse of the Year and have been awarded a Yellow Rose of Texas.

Lastly, I am still figuring what I want to do when I grow up and I am working on my BS in Exercise Science expecting to graduate in 2024.

My Hot Southern Mess

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason even though the reason doesn’t always present itself right away and it may annoy the crap out of me when it is happening. I also believe you need to be able to laugh at yourself. You can get through anything with a little humor and sarcasm and if that fails there are always cupcakes.

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Thank you for checking out My Hot Southern Mess! 

If you are looking for Country Girl Gourmet you are in the right spot! All of your favorite recipes are still here waiting for you to cook them up!

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  1. Just happened to find your site while looking for gluten free recipes.
    Would like to follow, going to a pot luck meal tomorrow hope to bake one of your recipes for them, later myself.
    I only eat rennet free dairy, gluten free recipes. What recipes I have seen you post make me excited to get back in the kitchen. thank you
    Do you have a cookbook?

  2. I was searching for a swee tpotato cassarole with marshmellows. Your recipe came up and i used it. The cinnamon amout is way off. I was rushing thru and did the amount 2 table spoons. Caught it too late. Too much. In the garbage it went. Please check this so no one else when have to throw away their recipe. If you did this as a joke. Ha Ha not funny.

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