I was invited to be part of a Fayetteville, NC blogger and influencer meetup hosted by the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitor Bureau. This is not a sponsored post. All views and opinions are my own.

In just over a week it will be time to celebrate Valentine’s Day! If you are in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area I have some special spots for sweeties and sweets just for you!

Bloom Where You Are Planted: Special Spots for Sweeties in Fayetteville,NC


I have gone on another adventure in Fayetteville, NC thanks to the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitor Bureau. This time area bloggers and I experienced The Wine Cafe, The Sanctuary at Cedar Creek and The Sweet Palette. We learned about wine, had relaxing chair massages and finished the afternoon with some sweet treats, selfie-taking and, shopping. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Downtown Fayetteville and would be the perfect special spot for sweeties looking for something special.


The Wine Cafe

Our visit took place at The Wine Cafe located at 108 Hay Street in Fayetteville. There is limited street parking and pay to use lots and garage available. Parking is free after 6PM.

In Hot Mess fashion, I was late to the event thanks to school zones, traffic and getting every red light on the way. Thankfully, I didn’t miss too much as I was ushered to sit and given a glass of wine as we started our tasting adventure. The first bites looked amazing (focaccia, olives, guava paste and more) but I abstained due to my own cross-contamination fears and drank some wine.  After all, that is why we were there, right?

We were soon ushered into the back, to the tasting room to start class taught by owner, Angela Malave.  Angela is a military spouse and she takes her work seriously. Every wine in her stores she hand selects and tries herself. Her wines come from all over the world and sometimes are found during her travels.

Angela took great care in teaching us all about wine in our mini class. We were taught how to enjoy wine basics. Things such as, how to properly hold a glass and properly swirl our wines in the glass. We even had a fun activity to help us learn to swirl properly.

For those of us who get wine headaches, we learned it has nothing to do with a wine being a cheap wine but the quality of the wine. We learned random facts like, Portugal is the #1 cork producer to the fact that wearing lipstick changes the flavor of the wine.

I fell in love with a Rosé and wanted nothing more than to Rosé all day.

Her food pairings were spot on and delicious. The pairings were made in house and they were able to offer gluten-free pairings as well as vegan pairings.

I even ate ceviche and I typically cannot eat seafood. Food poisoning scars run deep and there is science behind this type of food aversion. I admit I had to fight my brain to try it and I was scared of a negative response but I did it and didn’t hate it.

Being someone that is newer to drinking wine Angela’s store is the perfect spot for me. First, for it’s hand-selected collection and second fo the ability to try out different wines before I buy. There are multiple wine dispenser in the store that allows you to buy, by the sample or glass 

The Wine Cafe also always has something going on too! They host different events throughout the month.  Coming up they will be hosting a Galentine’s event the evening of February 13, a game night on Valentine’s Day and a wine 101 class on February 15th for couples.
Check out their website and Facebook links below:

The Wine Cafe

The Wine Cafe Facebook

The Sweet Palette

As we were finishing in the tasting room we had a special surprise to pair with our final wine, Prime Cuts White Blend, a wine from South Africa. We had macarons but not just any flavor of macaron, we had Key Lime Macarons made by The Sweet Palette.

The Sweet Palette is located at 101 Person St in Downtown Fayetteville. It is right across the roundabout from The Wine Cafe and that Key Lime Macaron of theirs was amazing. I have a thing for macarons and I was in love.

The Sweet Palette’s owner, Patsy, went on to tell us that it is actually her son, Adam, that does all of the magical macaron making. His larger than normal macarons surely won my heart, or rather stomach,

Patsy is a former graphic designer that got out of the business and opened her own bakery in a building that her family renovated. She baked a variety of treats and for us to try out. She brought with her Chocolate Chili Cupcakes, Sugar Cookies, Cakes in a Jar, Cake Pops and some different flavors of macarons. The macarons were my favorite sweet treat but, my sweet tooth loved everything I could try.

The Sweet Palette is definitely a special spot for sweeties and sweets

For Valentine’s Day, The Sweet Palette is running some specials so be sure to check them out.  I would take a box of their macarons over chocolate any day!

Connect with the Sweet Palette at their Website or Facebook below:

The Sweet Palette

The Sweet Palette, Facebook


The Sanctuary at Cedar Creek

Who loves a good spa day? Then I have a hidden secret here in Fayetteville to tell you about, The Sanctuary at Cedar Creek. The Sanctuary at Cedar Creek is located inside the Doubletree Hilton Fayetteville and they have a wide variety of services. They offer a little bit of everything from a couples massage to microblading. They even offer anti-aging Vampire facelifts.

For the #FAYNCBloggers they closed down their shop for us and gave everyone a relaxing, chair massage.

Check out the Sanctuary at Cedar Creek at the links below:

The Sanctuary at Cedar Creek

The Sanctuary at Cedar Creek, Facebook


The #FAYNCBloggers quarterly meet up was put together by our friends at the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitor Bureau and once again they have done a beautiful job at showing us some of Fayetteville’s special spots.


What are your favorite special spots in Fayetteville, NC?





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