Ten weeks, just ten short weeks that I am sure will fly by in no time at all. Ten weeks is what I have left to put in my last training miles for the 2018 WDW Marathon.

Marathon Miles 10 weeks to marathon

In January after I had finished my second Walt Disney World Marathon, I signed up for my 3rd WDW Marathon. When I signed up I was determined that I would hopefully get to run the race I had trained for. My times had been improving and I had been doing great. I was putting in 100 or more miles every month. Then my running world crumbled to bits and pieces. I wasn’t able to complete even 5 miles without pain. Honestly, it was less than that, I just pushed myself until I had gone to the point of no return.

I broke down and finally went to the doctor and it was a hot mess. The first specialist I went to wanted to go directly to surgery. He wanted to do a lateral release on my knee.  He followed this up with promises I would be running again by August.

His plan sounded too good to be true and after doing my own research I learned it was. I went on to have a second opinion and following that doctor’s plan. His plan involved physical therapy and injections to help lubricate my knee.

I have been in physical therapy since July and in August I had my injections. My knee is not back to what it was but it is better.  I missed doing a new proof of time half marathon so hopefully, my proof of time from last year will be good enough.

This past month was my closest to 100 miles in a long time. I came in at 92 miles and change for the month. November, I am planning to hit that 100-mile goal and go over it. This month will be a tough month as the milage of my long runs increase but I am optimistic.

Through this entire process, I have learned so much in regards to training and how important it is to do more than just running. Yes, for over a year I was limited in some of the things I was able to do because of my ulnar nerve issues but I have come to learn there were plenty of things I could have been doing.  The problems in my knee came from muscle imbalances and now I have to work to correct those imbalances and it is not an easy fix and I will not be able to get my knee back to 100 percent. What can I say, the joint deterioration and arthritis sucks.

Through all of this, I have had to make a hard decision, my days of running full marathons are almost over. Self-preservation mode has gone into effect. Training miles will be completed. Therapy will be completed. I have 10 weeks to get to my best and I will be giving it all that I can.

Are you in marathon training mode? What is your best piece of marathon training advice?


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