Last month I made my annual pilgrimage to Allrecipes and to be honest it wasn’t what I had hoped for. I don’t know if I had some sort of great expectation of it breaking my funk, but that didn’t happen. I did push myself out of my cozy and comfortable little box. That push resulted in me questioning myself in one of those good ole, I should have done or said that things. Do you ever do that? I fall victim to it all to often and this time I am beating myself up over food trends.

Food Trends | My Hot Southern Mess

I probably should back things up a bit and start from the beginning. This beginning has me doing a video. Yeah, I know. I don’t do video, I just don’t but I did and I didn’t hate it. After I just had the classic, I shoulda’s. The shoulda’s go back to the video and questions I was asked about food trends.

Between being a foodie and lover of food in general and blogging about food, knowing food trends is a must. If I was just chit chatting with you, I could list different food trends and things I like and dislike.When asked on video, it became a different story. I started joking around about the gluten-free trend but then my mind went blank and I couldn’t think of a single food trend except for kale, Yes, everybody, freaking Kale. I still don’t know what I was thinking, I don’t think I was.

Food Trends | My Hot Southern Mess

In the world of food, kale is one of the trends that has moved from trend to the mainstream. Thanks to hipsters everywhere kale has gone from the decoration at the salad bar to that bitter leaf in your salad bowl. You know the one, that one you pick around and don’t eat.  I’m not complaining, the trend isn’t all bad. Heck, I even made kale chips before it became the cool thing to do and it is perfect in a bowl of Zuppa Toscana soup. I just wish people would stop putting it in everything.

In the world of food trends, there is always love and hate. There will be things you love, others you hate and then those special ones that you both love and hate. Today, I am focusing on the ones I’d rather see go away.

These are my top five food trends I wish would go away:

5.Pumpkin Spice Everything

Food Trends | My Hot Southern Mess
I will start with I do love pumpkin, especially in the fall. Homemade pumpkin pie, cookies, bread, pancakes and more, I have made them for years. Way before pumpkin spice everything became cool. Today you have everything from pumpkin spice lattes that don’t even have pumpkin in them to pumpkin spice cereal, candy, popcorn, honestly, the list is endless.  The pumpkin spice craze has gone crazy and as much as I hate to admit it my tween daughter is one of it’s biggest fans.

4. Avocado

Food Trends | My Hot Southern Mess

I am among those that do not like avocado. Yes, these people do exist.  I have tried avocado but I just don’t like it. Hold my guacamole and I will pass on the avocado toast. I will pass on that green goop that reminds so many of baby poo.


I’m not exactly sure where the charcoal trend came from but it is here. It may be an outcrying against everything unicorn and rainbow colored. Eating activated charcoal though, I’m not so sure about. When I think of activated charcoal visions of the bottle I had when my boys were toddlers comes to mind. This is because activated charcoal is used to treat poisoning and drug overdoses. Your pictures may look pretty on Instagram but I would suggest for anyone to do some research for themselves before trying this food fad.


Eating insects is not anything that is new but I am seeing them pop up more and more and they are going past a creature in a lollipop. I’m sure bugs are a great source of protein that is environmentally friendly but, no thank you. You can have my share. I have no desire to snack on grasshoppers or meal worms or any other creepy crawler. I won’t be cooking them either  Do I really need to say anything else?

1. Coconut Oil Everything

Food Trends | My Hot Southern Mess

Coconut oil seems to be the one thing that will cure anything and everything that ails you. If you have a problem, I am sure someone can come up with some way to cure it with coconut oil. Coconut oil is in so many different products today from ice cream and candy to cooking sprays and canned soup. You will hear people going on and on about how great it is and things like their bulletproof coffee. I get it, it is a good source of medium chain triglycerides but for me, it can cause all sorts of different side effects because I am allergic to coconut.  Food allergies suck and my weird easy to avoid allergy is a thing of the past.  I really wish someone would discover something that is even better than coconut oil. A girl can dream.

I will keep tacos, bowls and even that fermented tea, kombucha. Bring on the cauliflower rice and brussel sprouts, I will eat them all. Tipsy ice cream, bring it my way along with some of that rolled ice cream.  Rose all day sure, why not. I love food and trying new things but some food trends are just not for me.

What are your favorite Food Trends? What Food Trends do you wish would disappear?







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