Happy Monday everyone! There are now 34 weeks until the WDW Marathon and I am sure that time is going to fly on by! As for my Monday Miles posts i’m not sure at this point how regular to be with posting as I have not started to officially train for the marathon.   Right now I am working more on getting myself ready for it and doing some self care.

MondayMiles - WEEK 34

I have to admit that I am horrible when it comes to going to the doctor and taking care of myself. I hate the doctor. I’ve just seen too many bad ones over the years I guess. I am working on it though…  It’s the whole momma needs to take care of herself too thing.

First up, I have asthma. My breathing sucks, more so when I run. I have had uncontrolled asthma for years. Well, i’ve had nothing more than a albuterol rescue inhaler. For the last month I have been on a daily med for it and my run times have actually gone down some. My doctor just added Singulair  on top of that. So I guess we will see how I do. I have some pulmonary testing coming up too. I honestly feel if I could breathe better I would run better. It makes sense to me at least.

Next up is my weight. I do not want to gain weight again while training for this marathon like I did the last one. The weight has been taking it’s time coming off.  I took matters in my own hands and as of last week I have a plan somewhat. I took advantage of some free programs through the Army and got my metabolism and body fat checked out. Thank you Army Wellness Center! I went and did the Bodpod, it only made me sad but I know how much body fat I have now and it wasn’t pretty. I am not comfortable at all saying what it was, it is just something I need to work on.  I also had metabolic testing done and now know exactly how many calories I need to eat every day as well as I have a normal metabolism to my surprise. It was a low normal, but it was normal. Now I need to eat more and see if I do indeed lose weight. It is such a foreign concept to me. Yes, I love food but to many peoples surprise I really don’t eat much. In addition to all this great info my doctor is finally sending me to an endocrinologist. Maybe I can finally get this whole pre-diabetes thing under control. I’m pretty interested in seeing how that appointment goes.

As for my running I am still going strong. I am currently averaging 20-30 miles or so a week right now. I fit in runs where I can during the week and do a weekend long run of 10-12 or more miles. Currently my biggest fear while running has nothing to do with how i’m running but instead with snakes! There have been a ton on the trail so far this year.

I have a half marathon i’m a 3:30 pacer for here in a couple weeks. So staying on track has been important. What i’m pacing may be a 16 minute mile but you still need to be trained to do it. After that half my next half with be for me and my Proof of Time for the marathon. With my times recently I’m fairly optimistic that I can do it, although I am nervous though. If I make it, it will be a fairly decent PR. A year ago before I broke my foot I was going faster than that though so I know it is possible.

So there ya go, my Monday Miles! More to come as I get closer to the actual marathon time.

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