Today I am taking it back to one of my oldest son’s favorite things, Nascar. Shorty has been a Nascar fan for pretty much his entire life. We don’t really know how or when it started but his favorite drive has been Dale Earnhardt Jr since before he was 5 and well, he is 16 now! Over the years we have even been able to go to a few races which all 4 of my kids love but races aren’t cheap especially when you are a family of 6. So we spend Sunday’s watching races. The Nascar season begins in February with the Daytona 500 and this year I created a race day menu on Allrecipes of some of our favorite Nascar Race Day Snacks. They are all perfect small bites that are perfect for race day!

Are you looking for some of the best Nascar race day snacks? Look no further because this collection is all of winners!


For my race day collection I wanted things that are southern favorites in addition to some things that you can find at the race track. I started things off with Corn Dog Muffins. My kids love corn dogs and along with hotdogs and burgers they are a concession stand food staple. These muffins have all the yumminess of a corndog without all the dipping and frying mess.

nascar small bites- corndog muffins

I then added mac n cheese, a southern favorite. These bites were the perfect serving size and I love the idea behind them.

Nascar Race Day Snacks | Easy Mac n Cheese Muffins

Next up on my menu were deviled eggs. You cannot go to a function here in the south without someone bringing deviled eggs. These deviled eggs are not your mama’s deviled eggs though. They are full of bacon, cheddar cheese and jalapeño. They are full of flavor and a family favorite in our house.

Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs | Nascar Race Day Snacks

My next recipe was new to me but I had been wanting to try it. I have several southern friends who make these yummy roll ups and love them. All they are is ham, cream cheese, and dill pickle. They really are yummy bites as their name implies. Who knew?!?!
Yummy Roll Ups | Nascar Race Day SnacksNext up on my menu were sausage stuffed jalapeño. One of my husbands favorite small bites is jalapeño poppers and these were a slight variation. My husband and entire family loved them and they are a welcome addition to my small bites food collection.

Sausage Stuffed Jalapeños | Nascar Race Day Snacks

My last small bite was Buffalo Cauliflower. I had to throw something healthier in my menu and this was perfect. It is also a kickback to the spicy  Bojangles chicken that they serve at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Buffalo Cauliflower | Nascar Race Day Snacks

So there it is some of our favorite Nascar Race Day Snacks! They are all perfect small bites to grab and eat while watching the race. I will be making these small bites all season long!

You can find my Small Bites collection HERE on

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