I think the process is over and the makeover is finished, while I left the blog up and running during construction I hope the construction was not too bothersome. We are revamped and ready to go! I have blogs that i’m ready to get out to you and get this party started.


So what will you find on My Hot Southern Mess?

You will find yummy recipes, some healthy some not so healthy. You will find gluten free but you will also find recipes that can be easily converted to recipes made with gluten. Gluten is not banned in my house, my family loves it too much. I am just a bit OCD about crumbs and the possibility of cross contamination.

You will also find me talking about running and healthy living in general. My post hysterectomy metabolism is slower than molasses, plus there is that whole almost 40 thing. Heck, there are so many reasons to live a healthy life.  I can say that I  stay active for my own sanity. I get cranky when I don’t get my runs in.

I am an Army spouse of almost 17 years. Military life is a big part of my everyday. It is a deciding factor in so much that we do as a family.

My kids ate tweens and teens and have all sorts of varying interests.  I have a son with Autism as well and he is awesome.

Honestly, I could go on and on. There are so many bits and pieces that glue this blog together. In all, My Hot Southern Mess is a collection of bits and pieces from my hot mess life.


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