Change is coming here at Country Girl Gourmet! After much debate (seriously, it has been months) I have decided to rebrand. I promise you I am not doing it because that seems to be the thing to do lately! Country Girl Gourmet began as a food blog and it has grown into so much more! I have had debates with myself (I do that a lot) about the different things I was writing about and if it flowed with my blogs name. While I was being true to myself some topics didn’t exactly flow with Country Girl Gourmet. It’s ok, it happens to many bloggers. I was left to make a decision go back to strictly food or rename my blog and rebrand.

There have been sneak peaks on Instagram and then Facebook changed things  a bit faster than expected. If you are curious about my new name or logo you can go there for a sneak peak. So far everything looks very positive for the change. I am excited and nervous but most of all I hope all of my fans out there love it as much as I do. I think my new name fits me to a T!

Now, all of the great content on Country Girl Gourmet will remain and all of your pins should continue working. In the event that it doesn’t please let me know so I can fix the problem.

I have loved being Country Girl Gourmet since 2007 when I started out on Myspace but change is good.

countrygirl gourmet original logo


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