One week from today I will have done the Walt Disney World Marathon. That idea is absolutely crazy to me! In fact I will be in the car driving home from Florida next Monday. It is insane to me how quickly time has gone by. I really do think time has some odd way of going faster when you are an adult.

Monday Miles : Taper | Country Girl Gourmet
With less than a week to go, how am I doing? I am doing ok but NERVOUS. I am pretty sure these pre-marathon jitters are normal though. My training didn’t go how I had hoped but I did make it to 20 miles more than once. I have been told I need to trust my training and I will be fine. It is just so hard not to stress.

I have my runday outfit picked out and all pieces have arrived. I have my Team RWB tank, Sweaty band and hat as well as CW-X shorts and capri’s. The weather just needs to decide what it is going to do. Rain is currently in the forecast. It is all good though. I have trained in the rain.

I will have my Camelbak not so much for water and Nuun but to carry stuff like extra socks in ziploc bags if it does rain. Anyways, I like my Camelbak better than my fuel belt. It’s kinda funny because I tried to use one for my first half marathon training and I hated it.

I have my race day nutrition picked out. I have Nuun and have ordered some Gu’s off Amazon as well as have a Luna Bar. I have mustard packets in my Camelbak too.

I will be going slow, much slower than I planned but under the 16mm required pace. There will be more more walking than I wanted, how much will be determined by my foot. I am a fast walker so I should be ok when you combine that with my starting corral. The balloon ladies scare me but, I think I will be ok. I may even ride Expedition Everest!

I have been upping my water intake the past few days and my diet has been ok the past few days. We have been eating good around here. I’ll just say i’m carb loading. That works right?

So, there it is my last Monday Miles. Coming soon will be my WDW Marathon Recap!

I am nervous but at the same time I can’t wait!

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