Maybe because it is week 13 but this weeks miles were riddles with issues. It started with a groin strain  moved into being gluten on Thanksgiving and now I have an evil cold. Oh my goodness is all that I can say!

Week 13 Miles | Country Girl Gourmet

I really loved hot yoga but I stretched a little too much. I strained my groin. I have no desire to go through that again. Even walking was difficult and I won’t even mention going up and down stairs. Needless to say I there was no running for 3 days. I finally ran again on Thanksgiving, 4 easy miles before we had to get ready and leave for my mom’s house.

Thanksgiving though did me in again this year. My mom made a mostly gluten free meal. I was nervous. I had cross contamination fears but I ate my plate of food. Right before we left a headache started and as we were headed home it had turned into a migraine and soon later the stomach problems started. If there is one thing about gluten-ed I wish the side effect would be similar each time but no. This time I had a ton of pain in my upper stomach area and I was burping so much my throat burned. Not good. I had 22 miles planned for the weekend. I attempted it though but only made it almost 14 miles. It was all good though my mom was delivering my youngest two home and hadn’t called to give a we are on the way heads up so we got home pretty much just in time.

I did do almost 14 miles at the time my husband picked me up and that is better than nothing.

Now fast forwarding to this week. I have caught a cold! Every runner who is training for a half or full marathons nightmare!  I am hoping I am over the worst of it but only time will tell. I am hoping to get my long run in this weekend but only time will tell. Until then i’m loading up on the orange juice and vitamin C!

So there ya go! My week 13 miles!

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