The countdown is on and I have 15 Weeks to go until the WDW Marathon! We are now also under 100 days, crazy! Here is how I am doing!

Monday Miles: Week 4

I am still recovering from blisters. I never knew they could be so bad! My training during the week has continued on my bike. This past week I have been able to improve my time by 10 minutes! If only I could improve my run times that easy.

Initially I didn’t have a long run planned for this weekend. It was my 20 year high school reunion but life happens and things come up. I’m sad I missed it but I was able to get in one last long run on the trail by my house before it closes for deer hunting season. My plan was to do 16 miles.

The weather here has been pretty blah and rainy and I have been checking it left and right. My Sunday run was my first run in the rain. I have intentionally tried to get stuck in the rain before but it has never happened. The rain always disappeared off the radar. This time that was not happening. I put on extra body glide and grabbed a hat and I was off. With the rain I took it easy, not even a fifth of a mile in I had slipped on some mud. I continued on in the light rain and other than some slippery spots and squishy mud it wasn’t that bad. My pace wasn’t anything amazing but was within the time limits for rundisney.

I kept chugging along and took a bypass and left the main trail. The bridge had been out all year and I’m finally at a point I need to go past it. I thought I was doing well but soon found myself on an adventure. Where I run is near Fort Bragg and there are fire breaks all over the place to include off of the trail I was on. The bypass route is a fire break and the entrance is marked really well but the exit wasn’t. I ended up turning the wrong way and ended up at a different bridge that was out. In my defense I saw orange ribbon on the trees and I thought I was going the right way. I called my husband who was tracking me and then I looked at my phone. Duh, I had Maps, I could figure this out. I ended up making my way to the main road but with the weather my husband decided to come pick me up. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of me running in the rain on the side of road that people regularly go much faster than the 55MPH speed limit. My milage total was just over 10 miles. I was fine with it seeing how it was originally going to be a big ole zero

I am happy to say that this week I was blister free! This week I had an a-ha moment. Earlier this summer I had been promoting Band Aid blister band aids. I carried them everywhere this summer but we never needed them. I finally used them around the house for my blisters and they stuck really well to the bottom of my foot so I tried them for a run. At this point I had nothing to lose.They were perfect! They are now a running must have for me.
Nutrition wise, this week everything is the same. Pre-diabetes and all. I keep hoping that one more I will wake up and have a normal fasting blood sugar.

So there it is, my Monday Miles! My running this next week will be interesting as rain is on the forecast every day. In addition to that I will be back to mainly road running. I need to seek out some new places to run too, to keep it interesting.

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