16 weeks to go until WDW Marathon! So here is what i’ve been up to!

Monday Miles: Week 3 | Country Girl Gourmet

My training during the week has turned into bikes instead of runs. I have been mountain biking 8 miles on the trail near my house. It is full of soft sand and hills. So it’s a pretty decent workout. Each ride is getting easier too so that is a plus, must mean i’m improving. I wish I had more time during the day to add some more distance.

The reason why i’m biking instead of running is because of my feet. My poor, poor feet. I’m not sure what is going on but I have been blistering in the same spot the last 3 long runs. I’m not sure if it is a problem of blistering and it not fully healing and it keeps getting irritated. My shoes having too many miles or something else. All I know is although I may be over thinking things (something I do well), I need to figure it out soon because the not being able to run like I want to sucks.

So far I have tried brand new Balega (anti-blister) socks, Wrightsocks, body glide on my feet and plain ole petroleum jelly with no luck. I won’t use moleskin because it’s not as helpful on long runs. It always bunches up and comes off. Something’s gotta give though. The spot is right under my second toe. Yes, my second toe is my longer toe and I know this relates to the fact I push off that toe not my big toe like most people. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

This week I did 15 miles. It was not a good run. Can I blame volunteering the day before at Spartan Race for 12+ hours. I was on my feet the entire time standing and handing out bibs and didn’t eat anything more than almonds a couple at a time between people.

I was slower than expected but my pace was steady even after that new  blister developed around mile 6. I did slow down considerably in my last 3 miles. I even stopped 2  miles out for about 5 minutes to sit down and check my foot. Then Not even a quarter of a mile from being finished pain in my foot stopped me in my tracks. I hobbled the rest of the way back but I finished. Woohoo! 15 miles in the books. Next week will be 16 miles.

Weight training has taken a back burner in the past week. My lifting partner hasn’t been working out due to some knee issues. Sooo… it’s all on me now. Gonna figure out a plan and get at it!

Nutrition wise things are going ok. Keeping things simple and trying to keep my blood sugar in check. I still have not had a normal waking fasting blood sugar no matter what i’ve tried. When I spot check after meals i’m still in the pre-diabetes range. The only time I have had a normal range blood sugar has been after my long runs. I am at a loss. All I can think to do is go back to the doctor and see the actual doctor this time, not his nurse practitioner.

So there it is, Monday Miles! Until next week!


What are your best training tips?

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