I really like doing things outdoors along with doing things that challenge myself. That is part of why I do half marathons and will be doing a full (Yes, I have gone full crazy!). I like riding “scary” rollercoasters and thrill rides. I’m not sure if I would jump out of an airplane like my husband but zip lining has always looked intriguing. I don’t like heights though. I can do them but not without that butterflies that makes me want to puke feeling in my gut. So when I saw Zippiest on the itinerary for the Fayetteville blogger familiarization tour the butterflies hit. I told myself I had this. Plus anyways, I didn’t want to come off as a scaredy cat in front of the other bloggers.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

I was ready. It is zip lining, it is safe, you are hooked in, no falling off the cable. Why not?Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

So I signed my life away.

Photo Apr 25, 3 05 58 PM

We got started with getting rigged up, harnesses, helmets, gloves and a leather sleeve for braking.


Gave each other names and wrote names on each other’s helmets… I was just Gourmet. After my blog.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

We were then ready for training!

Bloom Where you are Planted- ZipquestWe went over the basics, how to stop, how to turn, self recovery. We practiced maybe 1-2 feet off the ground.

Photo Apr 25, 3 40 54 PM

and then I was off! Well after everyone else. I ended up going last.

The taking off was the hardest part and taking that leap. The actual zipping was fun. If that makes any sense.

Bloom Where you are Planted- ZipquestAs we zipped through the trees we learned that they all had names. Like this one was Consuella, Sway for short. Head out to Zipquest if you want to know why Tiffany was making the face she did.

Bloom Where you are Planted- ZipquestBy the time we were half way through I had the hang of things and was going first or second. That hard to go feeling went away. The only time I had an issue going again was when my fellow bloggers were making me laugh hard. Zipping was fun, I even yelled out a few woohoo’s while on the line.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

We zipped through the trees and over water from tree to tree, platform to platform. Going higher and longer on each zip.

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

We went up floating staircases

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

and crossed rope bridges. I was banned from going first and then almost kicked out of the blogger group when I went last. I went too fast which made the bridge really swing…oops!

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

One of my favorites was zipping by the waterfall at Carver Creek. If you keep your eyes open on the same zip you can see a mill also. It was on this zip I decided I liked those long zips where you can’t see the other side.

Bloom Where you are Planted- ZipquestIn the end it was a great time and something I would definitely do again. Our guides were great, they were funny and very patient with us crazy bloggers. Thank you Erich and Kyle you guys are awesome!

A zipline tour will take about 2 and a half hours and features 8 ziplines with 16 platforms. There are also 3 (floating) spiral staircases and you cross 3 suspension bridges. You zip among the various plants, trees and wildlife in the Carver Falls area and actually zip over Carver Falls. In case of inclement weather (or other reasons such as injury) while out on the tour there are emergency ziplines that can be used as needed. Those tour guides also go through regular training to include monthly recertification. You are in good hands at Zipquest.

Zipquest offers both military and group discounts.

Zipquest is located at:

533 Carvers Falls Road
Fayetteville, NC 28311

Their hours are,Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm & Sunday 10am to 5pm and reservations are highly suggested. 
You can find out more information about Zipquest HERE

What do you think? Are you ready to go Ziplining?

Bloom Where you are Planted- Zipquest

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