Being a military spouse one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to bloom where you are planted.  Basically, where you are will only be as good as you make it, it is your choice whether you love or hate a duty station.  When you bloom where you are planted you are making the choice to get out and explore and see what your community offers.

When I moved back to the Fort Bragg area in the summer of 2013 one of the many ideas flying around in my ADHD head is I should really start a bloom where you are planted series and write about all the hidden gems I come across that make Fort Bragg great. Thanks to the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau my idea is going to become a reality almost 2 years later! The Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in a blogger familiarization tour of Fayetteville. I said, yes please and I have to say i’m glad I did because it was an awesome adventure!

I joined 3 other Fayetteville area bloggers that I only “knew” online. We had talked a couple times about meeting up with other local bloggers but we just hadn’t done it yet. Life happens and we are all busy ladies. Finally being able to meet some of my fellow local bloggers was  another added perk of this adventure.  I am so glad I got to meet Krystal of Army Wife 101, Angela from Mommy PR and Tiffany from Mrs Tee Love Life Laughter because they are all really wonderful ladies! Our adventure was filled with laughs and I cannot imagine any better ladies to go on this adventure with.

Our adventure started on a Friday at the Fairfield Inn and ended at Zipquest on Saturday afternoon. There was so much stuff packed into the two days that I cannot put it all in one post so I will be adding separate posts about all of our adventures and the oh so wonderful food that we ate! I cannot wait to share with you all of the things we did. I hope you will love them as much as we did and go out and discover Fayetteville!  There are many hidden gems in this area and I cannot wait to share them with you in my Bloom Where you are Planted series!

Bloom Where You are Planted ~ Country Girl Gourmet

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