Early in my marriage my husband and I would long after our own exercise equipment. He wanted his weight stuff and I wanted a treadmill. I don’t really have any rhyme or reason why but I did. After my third son was born I joined a gym and used their treadmill but they had this ridiculous rule and set time limits for how long you could use the cardio equipment. Seriously, it was like 15 minute turns. Adding in the gas to drive across town and a baby that constantly getting sick in the gym day care I stopped going to the gym. It just wasn’t worth it. Eventually though my husband bought me my own treadmill and I used it everyday. Then I got pregnant with number 4. I still used it, well until the morning sickness started. Then my dear treadmill became somewhere to hang clothing. After all isn’t that the real use of a treadmill? It wasn’t until after my daughter was over a year old that I ran again and this time it wasn’t on the treadmill. I signed up my Army son for the Navy kid’s run (yes, I asked to make sure he was allowed) and at the same time signed myself up for my first 5k. It was free so why not. I had no clue what I was doing.  My son won that Navy kid’s run.  A fact those Navy parents hated… umm sorry, not sorry?  Since he won I knew I had to do my race and I did and I was bitten by the running bug at age 30. The day after I turned 35 I ran my first half marathon and survived. I think i’ve gone crazy because the idea of a marathon keeps popping in my head. It would be fitting when I turn 40.

There are so many reasons to run out there. In those early days I just wanted to lose the baby weight but for me running has become so much more. These are my 10 Reasons why I run:

10 Reasons Why I Run | Country Girl Gourmet

10. Running gets you outside. So much of our lives are spent indoors today. We are stuck on our computers working and doing who knows what. There are so many positives to getting outside and soaking in some Vitamin D. Plus anyways don’t you want an awesome runners tan?

9. It’s my me time! Running is meditative… when I run I think. I think about things going on in my life to what I am going to blog about. I might not remember it all but it is my time to be alone with my thoughts.

8. Builds confidence.  When you run and keep up with it you will soon begin to amaze yourself with your progress. I remember when I started I never thought I would do a half marathon so looking back on that is a huge whoa, I did that moment. Then there are the cars who honk at you while your running. They have to be honking because you are awesome. It’s either that or your rocking pink headband.

7. Running helps you look and feel better. So when you exercise it does things to your body, good things. You lose weight, you tone up, you have this awesome glow to yourself and you just look good. Losing weight and toning up you have more energy too. Who wouldn’t want that?

6.It gives you goals to work toward. Races are expensive (seriously, would you like to support my addiction?) but I try to run some every year but in between races I am always pushing myself to beat my previous time. I am slow and steady but my I have gotten faster over the years! Getting my half marathon time under 3 hours was a huge accomplishment for me!

5. It’s good for my overall health. Running improves your cardiovascular health, improves lung health, improves your cholesterol levels, boosts your immune system and more! I have beautifully low blood pressure, my bloodwork is a thing doctors dream all their patients had, knock on wood i’m rarely sick (Ok i’m a bit of a germ freak too)… running does a body good!

4. To be a model, a role model. Yeah, i’m not model material but I can be a role model especially for my kids. Showing them that hey, mommy is out there doing this is a good way to teach them that they can do it too! 2 of my kid’s are runners. I like to think that was in some part because of me.

3. It is good for your mental health! When you run your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are magic chemicals that your body makes that have the ability to make you feel good! They are the things that allow for that runners high and help keep depression and anxiety at bay. Running is also and awesome street reliever! All I have to do is head outside and almost instantly my stress disappears.

2. It boosts your metabolism. I have had a complete hysterectomy and got thrown into menopause early and let me tell you. I use to think they were kidding when they said your metabolism slow downs when you hit menopause . Well, it’s no joke.  I like to eat and can’t eat like I use to anymore. As long as I can run I kinda can. Ice cream is a necessity in my life.

1. Because I can. Once upon a time I was told I would never run again. I didn’t like that so I pushed myself and I did a half marathon and cried as I was running down a mountain. For me I had a doctor who was a quack but there are so many people out there who for whatever the reason may be, will not run again. I run for them.

So there they are, my 10 reasons I run. They are simple and common sense but they are my reasons. Do you run? What do you think? Why do you run?

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