Growing up I never knew the difference between butter or oleo/margarine. We had yellow sticks that went on the butter dish. After all there was no such thing as an oleo or margarine dish. We used margarine though and just called it butter. We used “butter” for baking, “butter” on our veggies “butter” in the scalloped potatoes. It just wasn’t butter, it was margarine. It wasn’t until many years after I married and had a family of my own that I bought butter instead of margarine because a recipe said butter only no substitutes. From that moment on I became a butter buyer. What type of southern girl had I been all these years buying margarine to bake, using the stuff in the tub for my mashed potatoes and what not. No more margarine in my cookies, butter only and nothing else will do. No subbing shortening in case i’m out either but then again that will not happen. I like to keep 3lbs in my freezer at all times. Butter is gold and really good stuff and makes everything better.
When I read that the brand sponsor with Allrecipes this month was Butter I was over joyed and could not wait to start the project for April. Dear Go Bold with Butter  this butter loving girl says THANK YOU! Simply I love butter and spreading the love of butter.
Anyways who doesn’t love some good real butter over that stuff made with oil? Really, what would you like something made with sweet cream or with vegetable oil and hydrogenated this and that. Even my dogs wont touch margarine but leave a couple of sticks of yummy sweet cream butter on the counter to soften while they are unsupevised. That butter will be gone. Butter is just good stuff. Try it you won’t be disappointed and become a butter lover too.

I made some beautiful and yummy recipes this month and I encourage anyone and everyone to try them! Check out the Go Bold with Butter webpage, their Facebook Page, Pinterest and Twitter.

Here are some of the yummy and beautiful things I made from the Go Bold With butter blog-
Cinnamon Toast Scones

Dark Chocolate-Sour Cherry Brownie

French Toast with Honey Butter

Did that make ya hungry? Yes, then go ditch the margarine and grab some butter and make something yummy!

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