If you go into most any store you will find a very limited selection of Thanksgiving decorations and things to do. So sometimes you just have to fo an old fashioned do it yourself.

Here are some votive holders I made-

These were pretty simple. Here is what you need:

6 mason jars
fake leaves


6 votive candles

straw raffia

brown acrylic paint (and a fine paint brush for writing)

hot glue and glue gun

This craft is pretty easy peasy. Take clean jars and paint a one letter from the word THANKS on each jar. You can make them as simple or as fancy as you would like.Allow to dry. Next take about 12inch sections of rafia (about 4-5 pieces) and tie around the jar. Hot glue leaves onto the knot.Next add pebbles to the jar and then the votive and voila you have your THANKS candle holder.

looking for more things to make or things to do with your kids? Check out my Respect the Bird board on Pinterest.

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  1. […] I love the idea of “thanks jars” as centerpieces, or across a mantle or counter. A Google search will provide countless examples of these used in various ways — from vases to votive holders. They are simple to make. Some are painted mason jars, some are decoupaged, some have letters cut out of pretty paper and tied or glued to the jar…. Here is one of my favorite examples, shared by┬áCountry Girl Gourmet. […]

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