>Chicken Broth is EASY to make and it just needs a little thinking ahead of time.

Chicken Broth

approx 2lbs of chicken breast
8 cups water
sea salt
black pepper
fresh thyme
small onion sliced
4 cloves garlic, crushed

any other seasoning you like (carrot, celery, bay leaf, etc.)

Chicken Broth can be made to YOUR taste and that is what is good about homemade broth. You need low sodium, you can control the sodium by how much salt you put in it. Your broth can be as flavorful as you like it. Some recipes you need a flavorful broth, others a mild (for ex. if you are using as a replacement for white wine).

After seasoning boil chicken breast for a hour, a low boil. Once chicken is done remove and allow broth to cool before straining into a container to store.

homemade chicken broth

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