An Egg-celent way to Start the Day and a Recipe

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When you are a mom, one of your jobs is making sure your family is fed and that starts with breakfast. It is all too easy to just grab something quick and go but many times those options are not the healthiest. The freezer section is full of things from toaster pastries to pancake wrapped sausage on a stick but I wonder about how healthy those options actually are. I may be a hot mess but I worry about how my family is fueling their bodies and for us, eggs have been the egg-celent answer.
An Egg-celent Way to Start the Day and a Recipe | My Hot Southern Mess


Hello Georgia

2018 is a year of change for my family. I don’t mean a little change either. I am talking, everything we know has turned and flipped upside down and we are starting a brand new chapter. Heck, you could even say a brand new book. These changes have taken priority in my life over the last several months but now as things start to calm down, it is time to get into the groove of my families new normal. It is time for me to say Hello Georgia!


5 Reasons to visit a brewery when you are Gluten Free (in Fayetteville, NC)

I was invited to be part of a Fayetteville, NC blogger and influencer meetup hosted by the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitor Bureau. This is not a sponsored post. All views and opinions are my own.

Once upon a time, only a few years ago, I ate and drank whatever I wanted without worry. Then one-day celiac came along and my gluten loving days were over. While gluten is no longer part of my diet, I don’t keep those close to me from enjoying it. My husband loves a good beer and in Fayetteville, he has several great breweries he could visit but what am I going to do at a brewery? I can’t drink beer, what could there be for a non-beer drinker at a brewery? After visiting 5 breweries in Fayetteville for NC Beer Month, I have 5 reasons to visit a brewery when you are gluten-free.


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